“Life is filled with defining moments, twists & turns, and opportunities to step up, challenge what’s possible and unlock your highest potential.

I hope my story inspires you to live a truly extraordinary life…”

  • NOV 1984

    Born and raised on a farm in outback Australia. While we were pretty isolated back then, one thing we had plenty of was space… space to be creative and be curious and explore.

    That’s me on the right with my brother as we made tunnels in the marshmallow plants. It rained a lot that year!

  • 1993

    With exposure to the piano at a very young age, I had my first official music lesson in 1993 and absolutely loved it. This is a photo of me playing at my Auntie and Uncle’s home in Brisbane in front of my family.

  • 1998

    After years of lessons, an interaction with another student at school led me to believe that what I was learning in my piano lessons wasn’t ‘cool’. Lacking belief in myself, I gave up on the piano and didn’t play a single note for 2 years.

    I tried fitting into what someone else’s definition of success looked like and in the process, completely lost myself. I fell into a deep depression to the point of being suicidal.

  • 2000

    I still remember the day I walked past the upright piano at home and felt the urge to go and sit down. I played for the first time in 2 years; whatever flowed through me… it felt so right – almost like I was coming ‘home’ to what I knew all along.

    Soon after, I wrote my first full original song and went on to write more than 200 others in the years to come.

  • 2002

    Back then, living in a remote part of Australia had its limitations. I studied music in my final year of school with my singing teacher living 800kms away.

    The internet wasn’t what it is today so each week, I had my singing lesson over the phone via what was called Open Access.

  • 2002

    I submitted one of my songs ‘Save This Moment’ to the ASME songwriting competition and got my first taste of success.

    I still remember exactly where I was when I opened the letter that said I had come in 3rd place in the ‘rock and popular music’ category.

    I received a personal letter from our member of parliament and was invited to perform the song at the official awards night in a city 9 hours drive from where we lived.

  • FEB 2003

    All I wanted to do was move to the city and pursue my dream of writing & producing music as a career. So in 2002, I recorded 20 of my best songs I had written at the time onto a CD.

    But feeling I didn’t really have the support from others and honestly, still lacking the belief in myself, I decided I needed a ‘back up plan’ and enrolled in university, studying psychology.

  • NOV 2004

    While I was studying what would later become an absolute passion of mine, there was a complete lack of purpose, of meaning, of why I was there. Deep down, all I really wanted to do was create music, but felt like I didn’t have what it takes.

    It led to substance abuse, dropping out of university and struggling to find my place in the world.

  • DEC 2005

    There are defining moments that happen in your life and one evening in December was a devastating one for me. Two friends Luke & Ty were killed in a car accident.

    That night, unable to sleep, I wrote a song called ‘Good Times’.

    Luke’s father asked me to play it at the funeral. I really didn’t think I’d be able to bring myself to do it. But in Luke’s honor, I made it through the entire song, then broke down in tears immediately afterwards. It was such a sad sad day.

  • 2006

    Read my first ever self improvement book called ’What Matters Most – The Power of Living Your Values’.

    I was hooked, and embarked on a journey of personal and professional development. Over the next 10 years, I learned from the greatest minds of our time, understanding what truly makes a life worth living.

  • MAR 2008

    Got my first real taste of what it means to give back and make a positive impact in the world.

    I shaved my afro to help raise money for cancer research… After more than 2 years without a haircut, it was all gone!

  • 2009

    Still trying to find a way to break through, I was writing new songs, studying music production and playing live gigs.

    Deep down, I knew I was destined for something greater, but I still had to find something to pay the bills.

    So from 2005 to 2010, I clocked up over 7,000 hours in sales, management and training roles in big box retail and apparently still hold the record in one of the stores for the most amount sold in a single day.

    I worked hard, but never took myself too seriously… This was me taking a quick break from serving customers dressed as Santa.

  • 2009

    I started a company designed to change people’s lives through the power of music, but soon realized that how I was doing it wasn’t going to achieve my vision.

    Late one night I was playing a gig and thought to myself, this isn’t the place where people are going to come up to me afterwards and say ‘man, I heard those lyrics in your 2nd chorus and they changed my life!’

    I didn’t know what the answer was, I just knew this wasn’t it.

  • MID 2010

    My life changed forever. I heard a neighbor screaming out one evening and ran over to find that she had just found her son… he’d killed himself earlier that day.

    That had a profound impact on me. I told myself ‘no one should ever have to go through that’, and then asked a simple question ‘there are people that need help – what are you going to do about it?’

    From that day, I committed my life to helping others overcome the challenges they face.

    At the time, I had just written ‘Close To The Edge’, a song about bullying & suicide.

  • LATE 2010

    I went back to studying human behavior. Unlike the first time though when studying psychology, I was now a man on a mission.

    I invested all the time, money and energy I had and went through an intense period of rapid transformational growth. I still remember being in the first training and realizing this was it!

    This was the missing link – that I could use both education & music and somehow blend them together to help people unlock their potential.

    I still had no idea how I was going to make it happen, I just knew I was on the right track.

    I broke through patterns of behaviour that had been holding me back for years, gave up alcohol, coffee and energy drinks, and consciously chose a vegetarian (now a 100% plant-based) lifestyle.

    I started my first coaching business and in the years to come, went on to coach (and still do) many C-Level Executives and Entrepreneurs to unlock their highest potential.

  • SEPT 2011

    I produced and released ‘Close To The Edge’ on YouTube. I had no idea the impact it would have across the globe over the next 8 years.

  • 2015

    My long-term relationship came to an end and all of a sudden, the future I thought we had together was gone.

    Picking myself up, I asked myself two powerful questions; ‘what do I really want to experience in my life?’ and ‘am I really living?’… my honest answer to that second question was a resounding NO.

    I went on a journey of self-discovery. I discovered my love for travel and adventure, going skydiving, canyoning, mountain climbing, white water rafting, rock climbing, rappelling down waterfalls and gliding… it was an epic year!

  • MAR 2015

    Close To The Edge passes 1 million plays in 195 countries and is used in countless film, music, dance and school projects around the world to help raise awareness of bullying and suicide.

  • JULY 2016

    Recorded new music in Santa Monica, California about ‘Living An Extraordinary Life’ and ‘Social Isolation’.

    It was great being in the studio again, creating music to impact and inspire people around the world.

  • DEC 2016

    Wanting to inspire people to unlock their potential at a whole new level, I sold everything I owned and embarked on an 18 month project around the world, using a blend of education, music & film to create positive change.

    I wrote new music while living in countries like Costa Rica, Argentina, Hungary & Mexico, produced a weekly video series on how to challenge what’s possible, and released short films blending my music with the natural beauty of our world including this one of Colombia that went on to be seen more than 900,000 times and shared more than 30,000 times.

  • AUG 2017

    While living in Argentina, I asked myself an extremely powerful question ‘If I died today, what’s the one thing I’ve regretted not doing?’

    Immediately, I thought to myself ‘having a grand piano on stage while delivering a talk’. This was an elusive dream I had for many years now, that had always remained just out of reach.

    With this clarity, I knew I had to make it happen. 3 months later, I was in Burlington, Canada delivering two experiential talks to a total of 1400 delegates on how to make a greater impact, blending education, a grand piano on stage and drone footage captured from around the world to leave a lasting & memorable impact on the audience.

  • MAY 2018

    I was invited to deliver the closing talk at Italy’s largest TEDx event.

    What a remarkable experience that was; delivering an experiential talk on stage with a grand piano, and revealing a project that involved people from 40 countries around the world to show how a blend of human curiosity & technology can magnify our creativity, innovation and impact in the world.

  • JUN 2018

    The music video for my song ‘There Is Still Time’ is released.

    This project involved more than 80 people people from 40 countries around the world to create a music video that would inspire change and show that despite our differences, we are stronger together.

    We even transported a grand piano to Garden of the Gods in Colorado at sunrise.

  • FEB 2019

    I’ve loved delivering experiential talks with a grand piano on stage in multiple countries around the world now, inspiring audiences to live more courageous and creative lives.

  • AUG 2019

    Spent 2 months in Europe recording new music and music videos including songs about unlocking your creative potential, overcoming adversity and stepping up to your next level of excellence.

    Get a sneak peak of some of the footage in this short 20 second highlighting my adventures from the past 5 years.

  • 2019

    What next? – The future

    In our fast-paced world, I love helping people live more courageous and creative lives… and rather than just talk about it, I love showing how it’s done.

    As an international speaker & artist, I’m excited about upcoming experiential talks happening in places like California, Colorado and Mexico, releasing new music and producing new music videos internationally that inspire change in the world.

    We each have the opportunity to achieve extraordinary things and I believe in helping good people and their companies do exactly that.



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